HI!  I finished my Lotte Dalgaard inspired collapse weave... it's in projects as Magical Materials scarf.   It was challenging but fun. I hope to do more, but next up is more eTextile exploration, some placemats for the Guild, and a little rigid heddle work too!



dteaj (not verified)

Marie, your textile is just gorgeous!

I see you had some choices to make. How did the kit come? A set of threads and general guidelines? A specific warp and weft that you modified?

How was the copper in the kit compared to the copper sold by Giovanna Imperia?




It wasn't from a kit. I used Bockens and Habu in the warp and linen in the weft that a friend (from Weavo <3) gave me.  And the copper came from... drumroll.... Giovanna, and it was a nightmare. Now I happen to like fiddling with looms, and warps and fixing things, but not everyone does. And the copper kept breaking, and was invisible to boot!  I'll get the specific yarns up on the project page soon.