I am so excited and loving the Andean Pebble Technique. Following Laverne's book, I did samples of the 8 revolution motifs:

I am slowly starting to blog (bigskymountaindesigns.com/blog) about each lesson I have covered, and will be putting pictures there of each individual motif hopefully over the weekend.



bolivian warmi

Nie one, Kim! You also take lovely pictures!

kimberley (not verified)

thank you, my other secret hobby is trying to learn how to use my camera!

i did notice one downside to using an upright loom, with the warps under constant tension, the patterns get a stretched out look. i have switched to a backstrap now and love the ability to control the tension :)

bolivian warmi

Yes, that elongation is a result of fixed tension. It can happen too if one puts too much tension on the warp on the backstrap loom.