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<p>This is the&nbsp;newest addition to my loom collection. &nbsp;It is a Union 36. &nbsp;My brother-in-law saw it at an auction and took a picture and e-mailed it to me asking if he should buy it for me. &nbsp;I said, "Sure, just don't go over $100 for it." &nbsp;The next day he e-mailed back that he had indeed purchased it for me............for $10. &nbsp;Fully warped with natural warp, probably over $100 worth. &nbsp;I am just now trying to thread the heddles and start using some of my stash. &nbsp;Don't know what to use first: yarn from my yarn collection? rags for rugs from my stash? loopers? &nbsp;Old chenille bedspreads, I have 3 of those............not sure yet. &nbsp;Will be glad to finally get it ready to weave on though.</p>



Okay, so I did give my brother-in-law $20 and fed him too.  I told him next to watch for a carder and spinning wheel...............

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