When I post a class of yours on the website, you will receive a meeting invitation with Cyber-Fiber in the name of the meeting, followed by the title of your class.

This was done as a reminder to you that the class has been scheduled.  You will receive a reminder shortly before the class begins and I will email you separately when you have a student for that class.

Either post your questions about the process here, in this group or email me at [email protected]


Kathe Todd-Hooker (not verified)

What c;ass. I thought there was no one scheduled. kathe

Claudia Segal (not verified)

As teachers are giving me the details about the classes they plan to teach, I am sending you a Webex meeting invitation with Cyber-Fiber in the subject line.  It's my way of making certain that classes that are scheduled appear on the Webex calendar for Weavolution and that I have reserved the time on my calendar to help out.

Unfortunately, no one signed up for Kathe's first class but more people are signing up every day.