I visited the Montagnard backstrap weavers again last month and got to see this blanket which immediately grabbed my attention because it is white. The vast majority of traditional Montagnard pieces that I have seen so far have been predominantly black. Even more interesting is the band of warp faced pick up patterning that has been worked along the bottom edge. This is not weft twining but a woven band using the warp ends as weft. I have been trying to figure how this may have been achieved considering that it was done on a backstrap loom and that the blanket was in two panels.

You can see more about this on my BLOG. There you will see the very striking red and blue design on the main part of the blanket. Don't be surprised if you arrive in the 18th century at the start of the blog post! That is another travel tale. The Montagnard story is at the end.

The story of my latest visit with the Montagnard weavers appears in two other blog posts HERE and HERE.