tommye scanlin

Hope you have the next tapestry underway!


naturalfibres (not verified)

Your bag turned out great.

I did this same project - it was fun to do.

francorios (not verified)

I want one! Did you say you did this on a cardboard box? Did you happen to take any pictures of the process? Have a good day!

Ruth weaves (not verified)

The straps and fastener really go well with the tapestry. The stiffener in theĀ  bottom is a good idea. I've been wanting to try that project and have seen a couple others that people have done from that article. Your finished one gives me even more incentive!

steve104c (not verified)

katski, I have been collecting some yarn(worsted and larger wool) to weave with for some time now. I also, last year, found and bought a Dryad Upright Loom. I really want to weave a design simular to your bag. Don't know where to start. Where can I get a copy of Handwoven Jan.-Feb. 2008 ? The Dryad loom looks like I should be able to weave a Navajo style design(or tapesrty). Does anyone know of a good instruction book on design weaving( tapestry, Navajo rug, etc.)................Steve.

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I made this from an article in Handwoven magazine, Jan-Feb 2008 doing tapestry weaving on a cardboard box. I wanted to make this using only yarns I had on hand and I wanted it to have a Southwest style. I looked over my yarns and studied the colors I had on hand, and came up with the design of the bear against the mountains. I chose my box, drew the cartoon and started working. I ran out of the blue sky and topped it off with the red stripe since that was what I had the most of. I wove the strap and the closure tab from the same yarns on my inkle loom and lined it with a red calico, including two pockets inside. I also covered a piece of plastic canvas with the lining and put it in the bottom to give it some stiffness and shape.

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