This is a two-part question,  First, teachers who have had a class on C-F know the user name and password to sign in to Webex.  Once there you can see all the meetings scheduled by clicking on "My meetings"  and then all meetings  

You can also click on "Start a one-click meeting" and meet immediately with someone by opening a meeting on Webex and then sending an invite once you are in the meeting.  So, here's the question.  Is this a feature you would find useful?  How do we want to structure this so that we are not stepping on each other's toes while scheduling meetings.

Judie found this useful recently when she had to reschedule her class due to her internet being out during a storm.  She emailed me and let me know the class was being rescheduled.  I sometimes have meetings in between the classes and try to work around the class schedule but don't always schedule way in advance so it's good to check with me first if you can.  

Part two:  If you have a student you asks for extra time or a private class, you can charge that person for the extra time and I believe you should.  So, in that case you would need to let me know ahead of time so I can send a Paypal invoice to that person for the class.  It's an opportunity for you to earn more and help someone individually.  

We will develop more as these issues and ideas arise.  I would like to hear from a few people re: these ideas.  Do you want to include times for private classes? Should we put something in the Classes forum stating that certain teachers offer private classes and can be scheduled with each individual teacher?  You can use the Google calendar to see what classes are scheduled for when.  Mary has done a wonderful job listing the classes and adding them to the calendar.  It's a great resource and can be found HERE.  You can change the view and look at one month at a time or just weekly.  

Looking forward to reaction to this note.