I thought this might be an appropriate image for this group.    I found it at a garage sale, too much for my pocket-book, but my mother and mother-in-law combined to purchase it as an early birthday gift. I think most of the design is Soumak.  It was extremely dirty in this photo and I have now washed it following instructions on Marla Mallett's website.   (cold water soaking in the bathtub - water changed until the water was clear) 

I don't know why the photo isn't coming up except as an attachment - I have done this before and it worked!  Will have to look at the instruction again...

More info and photos on my blog.




Claudia Segal (not verified)

Hi Evelyn,

If you are using IE for a browser you will encounter difficulties with any Drupal site.  Have you seen the video on how to add photos to comments or posts?  It's here and might be helpful.  

Here's how to add a link so people can click on it and go to your website.

Thanks for adding it on.


bolivian warmi

Hi Evelyn,

Lucky you! I love how they use red and blue together. I wish I could make that work. I think I need to leave my yarn out in the sun for a long time to get those lovely washed out/sun bleached tones.


Evelyn (not verified)

Thanks Claudia - I just zoned out on the photo but have figured it out now!  I will look at the link thing though - I haven't done that before. 

Laverne - the colours are much more intense now it is clean - but still lots of fading - this thing could be almost 150 yrs. old and the colours are still amazing. 

I forgot to say it is about 40" x 17" on the long side.  A very big bag!

francorios (not verified)

I read your blog, what a beautiful bag and art piece.

Have a good day!