I'm glad to find this group.  I'm a deacon in the Episcopal church;  I live in northern California.  A move to our retirement home took us too far away from the parish where I was assigned - actually, we've changed dioceses - and after 9 months of a reverse commute to church (3 hours one way), I just submitted my resignation from that parish. 

I worked for a very long time in corporate training, organizational development, and education.  A few years ago I started studying midwifery and am getting ready to sit for the national exam.  Weaving?  Totally new.  At a conference last year, a woman brought some Ashford RH looms for us to play with, and I was hooked.  This week, a 32 Harp arrived, and I'm anxiously awaiting a yarn delivery <scanning horizon for signs of the UPS truck>.  We live an a remote area and there is only one LYS within  a 1.5 hour drive. 

After I get familiar with the loom and we survive the first couple of projects, I want to make a set of vestments for the parish I just left.  Chasuble, dalmatic, priest stole, deacon stole, and a parament of some size or other.  I have some time to chew on it, but would like to have them ready for next Pentecost season.  I have some fabric strips woven for me by people in "my" Sierra Leonean villages in the Jawei Chiefdom there.  (I ran a non-profit that taught women to provide maternity care.  Economy knocked us out of existance.)  And this parish supported our work there very lovingly, so I want to include that fabric as well.....

Anyway, I'll be lurking and watching for ideas, and asking questions as I get into the planning and working of this project.