Click here for a pictorial of my special rag rug project.



Jerri S

Ok, that's kind of lame! I really enjoyed your pictoral journal of the project. I have volunteered demonstrating weaving and spinning at Millbrook Village in NJ. One of the looms is an ooooolllldddd weaver's friend that has been repaired and actually works. I usually help my energetic friend Sally Orgen warp it, so it is ready for the volunteers who demonstrate. Sally has taken the finished rugs, and, well finished them and put them in some of the other buildings in the village. She's really the star, I don't do a tenth of the work she does, but I try to show up a time or two during the season, and help her with the pre and post season loom warping and maintainence.

Bravo, Lovely! Thanks for posting the link!  Jerri

jordanj (not verified)

That looks like it was an epic project indeed! How long did it take you to complete? Your system looks very efficient and provides some good ideas for ways to organize and "control" large amounts of warp materials. Thanks for sharing!


villageweaver (not verified)

i actually only posted this link because i'm helping claudia with "how to" videos, but since people are posting, i'll leave it.

I went to Greenfield Village and photographed the old rug in the middle of February and the new rug was picked up at the end of May. I worked pretty much every day most of the hours. It was a great experience. I enjoyed the entire process -

kbird (not verified)

Thanks for sharing.  I really enjoyed looking at your photo strip and seeing such a large project come to fruition! The colors are terrific as well!