I just sent a copy of page 42 of my new book to Claudia to help her with her shed problem on her loom.  It occurred to me that I should send a message to this group about my book.  I have made teaching handouts for a very long time and these handouts have finally been published into a wire spiral bound, easy to use book on project planning and warping.  Computer programs have been a big help for getting the book finished, but it took a long time to draw all those 200 plus diagrams.  I designed the book to be helpful not only for those learning in a class, but for those learning on their own.  So, I felt it was very important to draw all those diagrams.   It also has a lot of reference material like sett charts, reed charts, glossary, how to tie knots, how to use Texsolv cord and pins for those who do not want to tie knots and basic information on different types of looms.  I have also designed the book so that it is easy to use for teaching.  And since it is in my computer, I have been using it to send by email, specific pages to weavers who needed help with one thing or another.  This time it was Claudia. 

I also made the book inexpensive to purchase.

If anyone is interested, they can contact me to locate a store near you that has it, or I can send a copy.  Contact me at [email protected]