I recently acquire a Lillstina 4 shaft 6 treadle floor loom, which I had to dismantle to get it in my car.   I have been able to put all the parts together, hang the shafts on the rockers/horses, but then I’ve got a bit stuck as the lamms and treadles have been partly disconnected and I’m having trouble balancing it all up again.

The present state is that the shafts are hanging OK on the rockers/horses and the treadles are still connected to the lamms as they were before part dismantling to transport..  So in theory, all I have to do is connect the lamms to the shafts but this is giving me some difficulty.  My questions are:

What do you do with the shafts when tying to the lamms?  Do you tie them up so as to lock them in a balanced mid position in their slides.
Would it be better to disconnect the treadles from the lamms until such time as I have the lamms correctly connected to the shaft?


Joanne Hall

Hi Mike,

Here is the order of the process.  Wind and beam the warp.  Hang the shafts on shaft holders (they come with the loom) at a threading height and thread the heddles.  Sley the reed and tie up warp to cloth beam tie-on bar.  The holders and the threads will hold the shafts.  Put the shafts at the correct weaving height, tie up lamms, then treadles. Then you are ready to weave.


Mike (not verified)

Thank you Joanne.  Mike