Freya Shawl



looks very pretty.. would love to know more-- what is particular about a Viking style shawl and a picture of your outfit!


Hi I added the details to the notes, and a picture showing how the shawl was probably worn along with a photo from the tapestry.

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Viking long shawl or blanket, woven double-wide on Baby Wolf loom.  Using the last bit of warp to weave some twill in hopes a hat in matching colors but a closer weave.  Wool is from the last rug factory in Ireland that shut down about 15 years ago and a friend has a great deal of it in his shed.  Over the years it has made lots of projects, this is the second Viking style long shawl/blanket I've tried using it.  Shawl is to wear with a new Viking outfit that is decorated with tablet woven trim. 

Update: below is photo with outfit, part of which is also handwoven (front panel, purse, trim and hat with same warp but woven in twill for the hat).  What makes this Viking is that in the one rare set of textile pictures found in a Queen's burial it looks like every one of the many, many female figures is wearing this sort of shawl. 

I've uploaded a picture from the tapestry as an example.

Also the two ladies were buried covered in a very low thread count "blanket" which I think was probably their own favorite shawls.  Most Viking weaving used very close thread counts (like 30 to the inch) but the "blankets" were about eight.  The shawl really should have been in twill, but my loom does not have enough harnesses to do 50 inch wide double weave, so I used color and contrast to create a pattern.  Also the silk thin treads catch the sun light. 

I used a double-shuttle to carry both silk and wool at the same time for one set of colors and two shuttles for the other wool and gold (because I only have one double-shuttle). 

The belt is also handwoven with pick up techniques on an inkle loom.

I'll try and feature some of the other projects on their own later.



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