So, I have finally finished getting my Toika loom retrofitted with a shaft draw attachment and in the very near future can start some double harness weaving.  When I bought the draw shaft attachment from Toika, it came with a box of texsolv cord to use for the pattern shafts and handles.  I really like to keep that on reserve though for future work since it texsolv tends to be pricey.  I'd like to know if anyone can recommend an affordable alternative cord to use.  The Glimakra drawcord would my first choice, but alas I find that a little pricey as well.  Any substitutes would be most welcome.  Thanks!!!


Sara von Tresckow


The braided cord is pretty good - the only strong alternative I'd know of would be braided fishing line, which is also expensive.

At this point, trying to find "cheaper" cord is really saving on the wrong end. Either the Texsolv or the braided cord are abrasion resistant and durable and non-stretching. Just get your loom assembled, adjust the shed properly and spend your time more profitably working on fabric design.


Duly noted and agreed.  Thank you!