Wah! I had left my backstrap on the floor, never thinking that the dog might want the bone... duh! ANyway, when I came back the bone was across the room with some teethmarks in it and the tip missing. Ugh. I had posted this elsewhere too, but I am having trouble finding my way around the new Weavolution, so sorry for the double post. Laverne! THank you so much for your help with my warp at Convergence. It was great to meet you! I'm still working on that warp... Here's a fabulous video about a man in Peru weaving with trash...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO5VBiM5W_I Ruth


bolivian warmi

I'll get you another bone! I have a similar problem...I made a sheet of felt with Virag last weekend and have brought it home to Bolivia to sew up into something. My cat was rolling and is now sleeping on it and I can't get it back!

I was nervous to bring llama bones to the US in my bags as I feared the sniffer dogs at the airport would find them tempting!

I got home last night and am about to jump back into my loom :-)


ellenspn (not verified)

My Masi is capable of quite a bit of damage.

But he hasn't gotten my ruki...yet...

No, you are not imagining things.  His registered name is Bigrun's Llanka Masi but so far he's been nothing BUT work!

bolivian warmi

More cat and dog tales.....

I have one of my early Navajo weavings hanging on the wall. My cat climbed onto the sofa and chewed the two bottom corners and the edge twining right off it. She is forever trying to get at my Peruvian slings which are also hanging on the wall...it's just a matter of time!

bolivian warmi

I just got 6 llama bones...one is for you Ruthie. Who else wants one?

jordanj (not verified)

I would love one if you have any left. I am always looking for nice beaters/pickers. I promise to keep it away from the dog :-)


ellenspn (not verified)

I'll take one too.  I'll message you about it.

And yes I'll keep it out of Masi's mouth!


bolivian warmi

The bones are going into the pot for a good boil as they are quite disgusting when you buy them in the market. THey have been shaped but the stall owner says that they could do with a bit more sharpening against a stone. Seem fine to me, though.

Karren K. Brito

We have lot's of llama and alpacas here.  In fact there are a few on my street.  What bone is it and how is it shaped.  We are having a Wool Gathering here in Yellow Springs OH  soon and I'm sure I can locate the bones from one of the alpaca growers that come.  With some pics of the shape of one already carved I'm sure we can make or have them made from the local bones.  Maybe not as rare a Peruvian( or Bolivian, silly me) ones but they might work.

bolivian warmi

Actually, these are Bolivian ones! :-)

Bonnie Datta (not verified)

If you sharpen or carve any kind of bone, wear a dust mask or something and do it outside.  Bone dust is carcinogenic.



bolivian warmi

Thanks Bonnie, good to know. These bones are shaped and pointed but the ladies at the market recommended sharpening them a little more on a stone. I have no desire to do that!

Aunt Janet (not verified)

You can also work it wet.  That will also eliminate dust.  Works with shell carving as well.  So if you want to drill a hole in a shell or sharpen a bone, just keep them wet while working on them.  If wet doesn't work well on the bone, my apologies, please use a dust mask.

Evelyn (not verified)

The llama bones must be very dense.  I was wondering how a deer antler might do. 

bolivian warmi

Any old thing that has the appropriate shape can be used. I know that some weavers in Potolo are using deer antlers. I saw women in Candelaria using a big metal piece that looked like a rail spike as a beater. They use a long piece of thin metal to pick up the warps. There are also wooden versions shaped like the llama bone and I have a couple of those.Most weavers told me that the wooden ones are not strong enough.

Some people just like to have the "genuine" bone tool from Peru or Bolivia that has been cut and shaped by a weaver.