With a newly built loom now finished, I'm trying to forge ahead with new backstrap projects!

What I'm interested in trying is combining single weave techniques (warp floats, combs/stripes etc) with double weave techniques. I have a distant memory of you posting something about this a while ago, Laverne, I think it was a piece in which the borders were single weave and the pattern area was thicker double weave? I can't seem to find that blog post/article of yours anywhere! Can anyone provide a link?

Also, I can't seem to find anything on using multiple wefts (two weft double weave for example) and again, I'm sure I remember reading about this technique a few months ago! I'd love to give it a try!

And purely for inspiration, does anyone have any photos of work they've done using numerous different techniques in the same piece? I'd love to see them!! One part of my mind seems to dream up these elaborate designs with borders of supplementary weft designs - and central patterns in double weave - then the practical side of my brain cowers in fear at the thought of trying to keep up with so much going on with every pass of the weft!


bolivian warmi

I have combined bands of double weave in plain weave pieces many times. In fact, that is how I learned it in the first place in Potosi. I have also done supplementary weft patterning in the center of a piece that had simple warp float bands down the sides. 

Some techniques can be easily combined, others not because of different take up. Doing multiple techniques just takes patience, good pattern charts and a good system for marking them as you go.

The intermediate tutorial on two weft double weave is about using double weave bands against plain weave. The two wefts are: one which weaves the plain weave and upper layer of the double weave and the other which weaves the lower layer of the double weave. This tutorial is here.

You can also do a balanced double weave using two wefts but I would leave that for further down the track.

Below, the black part is single plain weave and the center is double.

Same here...sides are plain single and center is double.

Some supp weft with warp floats on the sides.

What have you been weaving so far? Can we see pictures?




tobytottle (not verified)

Thanks Laverne! Those were precisely the links I was looking for!

I have been weaving practice/sample bands recently, practicing the techniques in your tutorials on the whole, I've been meaning to post some photos on here, so when I get back home in a week or so I'll make sure to line them up and take some snaps!

My girlfriend and I are collaberating on a bag for my mother, my girlfriend's a keen knitter so we're going to see if we can combine our efforts on this one, photos to follow! While I'm away from my loom (WHY didn't I bring it with me?!) I'm designing the long strap I'll be contributing to the bag! I've also been experimenting with the diamond paper, drafting a few designs of my own, I might see if there's a good place to upload them onto here.

Anyway, thanks again for the links! =D