I have tried everything I can find in the Lundell book and I cannot get a clear shed for all four 2/2 twill tie-ups.  I have put it back on the shaft holders and reset each cord.  I counted buttonholes on the texsolv, I measured with a tape measure.  Yet, it hangs weird and 3 of my sheds are good but the fourth has two separate levels.

Suggestions?  Next steps?  I'm frustrated.

It's a narrow warp, just 8.2" and I'm not sure if that is causing this problem.  It is also the first time I have used the cb attachment for my Glimakra Standard.  



Joanne Hall

Hi Claudia,

Sorry, I missed seeing your question.  See page 242 in The Big Book of Weaving, then let me know if it is better.  I can also send you an attachment in an email to you.  It is from my new warping book.