I came across this website with a building plan for a simple triangular loom, but can be easily adapted with another end bar for squared projects. It would be great for small projects or you can even put down a weight to tie up a backstrap loom too. I get so wrapped up in looking at all those expensive looms that seem so out of my reach that I forget how simple it can be! Anyways I thought this might be a fun project for kids or beginners to try out so I'm sharing. Here's the link for the plans. Enjoy. http://www.africancrafts.com/davilojo/ed/lesson2.htm


AutumnSun (not verified)

Myself, I'm going to make one about my height and mount it to my bedroom wall! Its great for people who dont have alot of room but can afford some wall space and a place to sit lol. This makes 'project loom building" #3 for me lol. I find some many I like that I wanna try them all!