He goes by the name of Aymar and his website is here:

I found a few websites where they take him seriously, and his work is exhibited and purchased, but I'm not so sure ............................. ;-)!

What do you think?





jeannine (not verified)

I think he is quite an artist . All the ways to eliminate trash are good and the result is special. 

bolivian warmi

It's a very nicely put together video. I love when the aunt comes along to watch. Good luck to him.

Aunt Janet (not verified)

I love his work!  I love that he works in several techniques, and his media is limited only to what he can find.  I really love his looms!  Very inspiring work!  Makes me want to go pick up trash.  Unfortunately the skies have opened up in a big way in Humboldt Co, California.  Our first big storm of the season is a serious one. Not good trash picking up weather.