"Apalachian" Loom

I just aquired a lovly 'antique' loom that I'm trying to rejuvenate.  I have jack looms but believe this to be a counterbalance.  It has 4 wood-framed harnessess dangling from a new set of dowels.  I believe the loom is meant to be an 8 harness loom since it has 10 treddles and 8 lamms.  Can anyone direct me to wear to find 4 more harnesses that would come close to matching the original 4?  I also can;t figure out how to correctly tie froim the lamms to the harnessess, I've looked on line and haven't found any pictures that show that step and my harnesses give no clues from holes hooks or wear marks. Any information would be very appreciated, thank you.



Hi new weaver,  If you look at the book, Foot Power Loom Weaving by Worst, available on used book sites, you may find the original plans that were used for making your loom.  It looks very familiar. Joanne


Hi, from your photo the heddle frames have the same hardware that is used on Newcombs looms. what is the size of the frame?



The heddle frames measure 38.5" X 15.5" (outside measurements).  Do you know of any particular website or business that carries older loom parts?  Thank you for your help.