Working on warp stripe

By Karren K. Brito, 11 September, 2011

I have some 8/2 unmercerized cotton that I hand dyed  I want to put on the loom in a stripe pattern.   My inspiration for the colors was the frescos of Pompeii

Saturated color with an old timeless quality to them.  I choose 7 different colors to dye on several kinds of cotton yarn:

Here you can see five colors , there is also a deep purple and a adobe color. I tried to dye these skeins unevenly to get a rich visual texture even in solid colored areas.

My grandson gave me a book, "Unwrapping the Textile Traditions of Madagascar"and it contains this inspiring Lamba:

An interesting striped handwoven warp-faced textile. it love the visual texture in the blue - looks hand -dyed too.  It apears to be two panels sewn together down the center with the stipes being mirrored.  I have isolated a little more than one repeat here

So two complex stripes separated by broad blue stripes with maybe 1 or 2 red threads in the center.  I attempted to translate this stripe patteren into my dyed cotton colors;

I only used 5 of the seven colors, the grey lavender and dark purple could be added. 


I think the stripe pattern is pretty lively, what do you think?





11 years ago

What a great picture to use for inspiration!  :D  I'm sure the textile will be lovely and lively.




11 years ago

I like the lively stripe pattern! Especially the use of the three reds, to me they look like burgundy, red and salmon. Very interesting stripe sequence too.

Mary Rios (not verified)

11 years ago

Thank you Karren! This gives me an entire "meal" for thought! What a great way to think about color and I like the wrapping - I'm off to find my inspiration. Thanks for your thought process....

Karren K. Brito

11 years ago

Here is this mornings manifestation:

So I added in the 6th color, a greyed lavender.  I think it is an improvement, how about you?  Here is the first one, again, in similar format.

 Here I thought the broad stripe on the right looked like two different stripes because of the background color in the middle, so changing it for the lavender, of a similar value, makes it hang together as one wide stripe, I think.  I also like breaking up the broad background color stripes.  Not my idea, it actually can be seen in the orginal Madagascar  stripe pattern.


11 years ago

Wow this is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

Karren K. Brito

11 years ago

But ran out of steam to get it threaded before taking the loom to a show this weekend.  At the show I decided that the cross was too far back to see and removed the 3rd lease stick I usually put in.  I got some help from a passer-by and when I got to the 2nd warp bout the it was only over one lease stick!  I can tell one red thread is out of place so I stopped at the show, and will try to continue here at home where I can concentrate better.  I did not have the wrapping with me which would have made me feel more confident about the color thread sequence. 

The two end bouts have their cross, but the middle section only has half of a cross.  Won't take long to fix now that I have a reference.

bolivian warmi

11 years ago

I am going to combine this challenge with the sewing dare and make a striped tote for my mum.