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Weaving Since
Since 2006
Kinds of weaving
fine threads, complex structures
Pets? Kids?
Two cats - Fritz and Tigress
Favorite Color
Anything jewel toned
Favorite Fiber
Silk and cashmere
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About me

I stumbled into weaving in October 2006 and absolutely love it! I am a structure junkie - own a 24-shaft loom and most frequently use all 24 shaft. Recent topics of study include network drafting and advancing twills, but I hope to broaden my weaving horizons shortly. I'm also (oddly, for a structure junkie) in love with plain weave, and have written an article on it for WeaveZine.

Weaving is just one of my crafts, though it's been my main focus since I started weaving. For the rest, check out my website at http://www.tienchiu.com , or my blog at http://www.tienchiu.com/category/blog-posts .


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