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Not sure... but I bought my first RH loom in 1979! :-)
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Pets: two cats, one husband
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near Paris, France
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About me

I'm a longtime handspinner who finally decided to learn to weave -- spurred into it by rediscovering a rigid heddle loom and thinking, "Wow, could I weave twill on this??"  ...So that's how it started:  with twill on a rigid heddle.

My preferences in weaving come from being a spinner.  I love having my hands in the yarns, love being in close contact with the cloth I'm creating.  My equipment reflects that:  three rigid heddle looms (with many, many heddles!), an inkle loom, weaving tablets, and an 8-shaft Louet Kombo.

I am a teacher
I teach

handspinning -- all levels.


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