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March 2010
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Three cats, one son, a cello, a spinning wheel, dust bunnies
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Browns, greens
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I’m a professional writer and editor, and an insatiable reader and researcher. I’ve worked in the book industry for over fifteen years in various capacities, from bookstore salesperson to ordering to publishing. My weaknesses include bricks-and-mortar and on-line bookstores both new and used, high-quality chocolate, and tea. I’ve played the cello for over fourteen years, and currently play in a community orchestra. I also picked up the fretless electric bass a couple of years ago, just to mess about with it. Other hobbies include trying to figure out where to put new bookcases, and now thinking up new projects that will use up the piles of yarn I’m spinning.

In late spring 2009 a friend gave me an early birthday present and took me to a spinning 101 workshop at our favourite LYS. We learned park and draft on spindles, and I was utterly hooked. I obsessed quietly about it for a couple of months, then went in and asked if I could try the store’s wheel. And that, as they say, is that. I received my own Louet S15 wheel in late September 2009 and have been spinning up copious amounts of fluff ever since.

My maternal grandfather was a weaver, and had a full-size floor loom in one of the rooms of his house. There were cones stacked everywhere, and skeins hanging on the walls and in rows along the ceiling. The room faced south-west, and in the afternoons there was a glow that made it an incredibly warm, inviting place. He died when I was twelve, and so I never had the opportunity to learn about the craft from him.

In 2008 a friend contacted me and said that an old friend of the family had passed away, and they had been invited to take what they wanted from the house before an estate sale was scheduled. He said that I might be interested in some of the furniture, but when I got there all I saw were the two floor looms set up in the main room. Someone remembered seeing a small antique four-harness table loom in the storage room, and that's what I ended up taking home with me. It's been in my basement ever since, with a copy of Deborah Chandler's book, waiting for me to have the time and brainpower to learn how to use it properly.

In April 2010 I bought a secondhand 32" Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom and have been happily weaving baby blankets on it ever since.


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