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About me

Weaving Since
April 2009
Kinds of weaving
All kinds, including tapestry, Saori, honeycomb, and more! Lots of looms here.
Pets? Kids?
two very sweet labs, no kids
Favorite Color
PURPLE, teal, turquoise, periwinkle
Favorite Fiber
tencel, bamboo
speak English, German and Spanish
Website or blog
About me

Born in Munich, Germany; came to the USA when I was young. Mom introduced me to knitting as a child. Discovered weaving, spinning, and dyeing in my late 40's.
I am a fiber artist. In 2009, Kendrick Kreations was born. I weave for shows and for pleasure, do demonstrations, and teach as well. I've been known to make house calls.
My home studio encompasses most of the rooms in the house, as well as outdoors in the garden. Just about anywhere you look, you will see something woven. My feeling is, if it doesn't move, weave something on it!

I am a teacher
I teach

weaving, knitting, spinning


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