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Philippine edge for rug weavers

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Step 1
Step 2
This shows how I am carefully unweaving unwanted weft rows while moving from left to right wth the edge finish
Once the front is complete turn the rug over and make a second row just like the first.  This balances the structure.  You can make as many rows as desired.
Final rug before final finishing is complete.
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Fri, 03/30/2018 - Tue, 04/10/2018
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There are some beautiful ways to finish warp ends on rugs.  A while ago I was looking for how-to info and found very little.  Collingwood has some but I wanted more step-by-step help (this finish is described on page 483 of his first rug weaving book).  YouTube helped but went too fast and my computer is not in front of my work table.  So, I thought I would post some images of one of the nicest, easiest off-loom rug finishes I recently learned.  It works especially well if you are making a rug from more than one panel; I often do this because it allows for more spontaneity.  If others of you have images of good rug finishes I would love to add them to my own collection. 

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youtube speed

If a Youtube video is too fast you can adjust the speed by clicking the gear icon on the lower right of the screen and selecting another speed. Shift+< works as well.

When you pause a video, you can use "," (backwards) and "." (forwards) to skip through the video frame by frame.

I speed up tutorials on youtube quite often when I already understand most of it and then slow it down again when I really need to pay attention.

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Good to know!

Thanks very much Matthijs for letting me know that.  Who knew!?  I'll save these tips and am sure they will come in handy for all kinds of viewing needs.

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A Rug Weaver's Handbook

Best of Handwoven: "Top Ten Rugs on Four Shafts, Technique Series. A Rug Weaver's Handbook". Has a front section dedicated to finishing rug ends and includes the Philippine edge technique. It's a 33 page digital download (PDF document).

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Thanks ReedGuy!

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