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What loom is this?

Glimakra, or not?

nieuwWeef 3 Join
Phoenix - Southeast Valley Area Weavers

Weavers, Spinners, and other fiber artists in the Southeast Valley

Amanda Bielski-... 1 Join
Phoenix - Southeast Valley Area Weavers

Weavers, Spinners, and other fiber artists in the Southeast Valley

Amanda Bielski-... 1 Join
Electric Bobbin Winders for Production Weaving

Looking for an electric bobbin winder that won't burn out in one sitting (winding 20,000+ yards at a time).

comfortclothweaving 3 Join

Test Group

Weavolutionary 3 Join
Wool Carpet Warp

Hello! I've been looking for a place that sells Wool Carpet Warp online but have not been successful. I'm only finding cotton and linen. ideas?

Victoria Manganiello 5 Join
Seeking Clement Loom

Hello! I am looking for a Clement Loom for weaving rugs. Anyone looking to sell or know of one that is available? thank you! Victoria

Victoria Manganiello 1 Join
Warp weighted loom video - looking for...

looking for warp-weighted loom video

Alison 2 Join
Tabby to Taquete Study Group

Weft Faced Study Group

Erica J 8 Join
The Third Loom - A LeClerc Dorothy Table Loom

LeClerc Dorothy Table Loom for Sale

sloopcreek 2 Join
Overshot Issues?

Overshot pattern appears elongated

SueMello 3 Join
Treadle This

WIF drafts with only threadings will be posted and members are asked to download the wif (or copy to graph paper) and devise their own treadling!

Weavolutionary 5 Join
Lervad loom

Need to know which Lervad and how to put it together

Maggie Stearn 3 Join
Procrastination House 2016

As Halloweave winds down into Halloween, come share your stories and find strategies for only positive procrastination.

Halloweave 2016
[email protected] 9 Join
The Weaver's Cottage Podcast

A place to find, discuss, and share projects related to the Weaver's Cottage Podcast

Weavolutionary 9 Join
Active Arachnids 2016

Challenge yourself to weave a little bit everyday, or do something weaverly, such as reading about, studying or researching a weaving related topic.

Halloweave 2016
Weavolutionary 12 Join
Polo House

Start a weaving adventure!

Halloweave 2016
Erica J 5 Join
Doctors Frankenstein

If you are scared of projects with seams, this is the 2016 Halloweave Team for you.

Halloweave 2016
10ashus 4 Join

A group for TempoTreadle weavers, and those weavers interested in TempoTreadle

dawne 6 Join
Arawak Loom

Discussion on weaving on an Arawak Loom

nelsonabo 3 Join
Coffee Shop (Chat)

This group replaces the old chat forum. Please feel free to discuss things that don't fit in a specific group.

Erica J 27 Join

Convergence is HGA's Bienial conference.

Erica J 6 Join
For Sale/Trade

The interim place where you can post things you need to sell or would like to trade.

Weavolutionary 181 Join
Color Study Group

Want to be more confident in your use of colors? Want to break out of your standard color schemes? This group is for you!

Erica J 34 Join
Collapse Weave Study Group

This group is for people who want to explore collapse weave and share their experiences, resources, and learning with other weavers.

SuzanneT 9 Join
Sunshine Coast Stitchers and Spinners Monthly Meet Up

A meet up for knitters, crocheters, sewists, quilters, hand stitchers and spinners. Bring a project and a snack to share. 1st Sat of the month, 2-4

Labsmith 2 Join
Tapestry Study Group

Study any aspect of tapestry weaving you like and share your studies with like minded individuals.

Cathie Beckman 67 Join
Monthly Challenge Study Group

A group focused on regular challenges in a study group format!

[email protected] 22 Join
Sold - AVL 16h mechanical dobby for sale


pattracy 1 Join

Russian ethnographical looms

tgrusha 1 Join