Mug Rugs


I started mug rugs following the backstrap project. This is the warping stage. I will add the string heddles next.

The PVC used is the cream colored CPVC 3/4" stuff. The first time I warped, I thought the project called for 41 pairs, so I warped 41 pairs... I wove my header, and said 'this won't work, it isn't wide enough!)"  I need 41 PAIRS of Pairs..(41 groups of 4 threads). You can see where I preserved my sheds with sticks and safty strings.

The strings (blue and peach) wound around the warps on the top of the loom are counting threads. This loom is sized specifically so It can sit next to my computer on my computer table, so I can weave and watch hulu.


I finished. The first motif was too long, so I resized it.

The second went better because of the size, and that I mounted it on backstraps. I was able to get a much tighter weave wtih the backstrap.

The third went realy well, but I started on the wrong pick, so the butterfly touches the frame. As you can see from the second the the third, I mastered keeping the double weave warps sorted out. The second butterfly has floats on the red side.


Sett Unit
Length on Loom Unit
Width on Loom Unit
Length Off Loom Unit
Width off Loom Unit
Finished Length Unit
Finished Width Unit
Cover Image