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Help, I have a space running length of item and can't figure out the reason.

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I've woven a shawl with 8/2 cotton warp and rayon chenille weft.  It looks great EXCEPT I see a space running the lengh of the item when I hold it up to the light.

I've checked the threading and it is correct.  It was woven in plain weave at 18 cpi and 12 ppi.   I used a 16 dent reed and sleyed 1,2,1,2 ..... (one brown then two diff. blue ENDS)

I can't figure out what has happened to cause this.  I really want to do a tie on for another shawl, but must figure out the reason first.

I have tossed it in the washer then dried on high heat with a wet towel till dry.  I've woven a lot with chenille and am happy with the finished item after wet finishing, just that space thing. I've tried rubbing it with my hands.  I just don't know.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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warp gap?

First, double check your sley in case you skipped a dent or mis-sleyed an end. Though this is unlikely with your color sequence. Does your warp separate in the center to go around the hooks supporting the heddle bars? Did you change to a new cone of yarn at the gap, perhaps slightly less thick on the second cone? Umm out of ideas for the moment...

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