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Musing Inspiration

April 19, 2017

I don’t know about any other members, but one of the things I like to do when I’m stuck, or just need a bit of fun and can’t get to my loom, is browse the Projects section. I thought it would be fun for me to share projects that I’ve  found truly inspirational. I’ve called this news item Musing Inspirations, because I often find the projects section to be a good muse, or source of inspiration. I don’t generally copy exactly what someone else has done, but I find it a great source of inspiration to see where other users get great drafts, ideas, etc. and us this as a jumping off point for myself (even though I already have a huge list of ideas of what I want to weave someday when I have more time, haha)!

In a recent trip through the projects section I found Kathie P’s Frost Crystals Project. This project is beautiful in both the painted warp and the twill structure used. I think the combination of these two stunning elements really creates a stunning piece. Kahie P, used a draft from Twills Thrills with a painted warp to create a piece all her own! I often found myself stuck between wanting to highlight the colors I have chosen for my warp and the structure I have picked, this piece is a great example of how we can do both! I think the draft Kathie P chose really highlights both elements. I’m so glad Kahie P shared this work here, for us all to enjoy.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing this highlight and look forward to more to come. Please feel free to send me links to Projects which you have found inspirational.

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What a very cool surprise to

What a very cool surprise to see my piece as your inspiration! Many thanks for the kind words. Kathie

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