Hello All,

I'm experiencing problems with Word Press lately. I've been fairly happy with is up to this point. I've rea that Joomla is also a user friendly alternative. Anyone here use it? Do you like it/not like? Please provide any and all input!




tien (not verified)

From the limited messing-around with it that I've done, Joomla is a full-fledged content management system (CMS), like Drupal.  I suspect (but don't know for sure) that it would be way overkill if all you want is a blog.  There are other blog platforms, like Movable Type, which might be a little easier to manage.  I use Wordpress, my other half uses Movable Type.

Erica J

I need something in which I can blog and mainly manage a web site with a a variety of content. I weave (obviously), embroider, do historical costuming, and a few other things. I need to build a fairly robust site, which can serve as my electronic portfolio. I'm not feeling like Word Press is really allowing me to manage my pages fully. Maybe it's just where I'm at right now and I should stick it out with Word Press. I really want to make sure switching would really be worth all the time!

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