I'm sitting here looking at all the mess that  really needs to be dealt with, and trying do decide which warp I want to play with. The double-weave or what was supposed to be the rosette twill, except that I messed up the threading and now have to take it apart and do it again!

Bridget - how is the Coppergate coming along?


BridgetJ (not verified)

Oy, over a month later I finally reply! I haven't been on Weavolution much lately. But! October is nearly over! Goodbye, Hell Month! Huzzah!

Progress on the Coppergate... Seelie was right (of course!) that I should have put the full-width warp on at Pennsic before I started weaving. I decided to do just that in late August. So before I wove too far on the dummy warp, I pulled out what had been woven and added on the rest of the warp to full-width in early September. I have a little bit woven, and then hit the Hell Month of October. The loom is leaning up against the bookshelf staring at me while I write. And write. And write. As soon as I get a a few more inches woven, I will have to post pics.

I then need to order the rest of the Cottolin for it.


I have a feeling this warp is going to be with me for loooooong time...

greeneyedjrzgrl (not verified)

see now I like October (of course it has my birthday and halloween in it, so I'm a bit biased I guess) - but the end of the month not so great this year.   I decided to try to rewarp the rosette while I was at a living history event in Virginia - of course it's halfway out and that's as far as I got. We got back from there, went to Massachusetts and New York, then had coronation for Lucerne then Halloween - so October was a bit busy.

Michael bought me the loom stand from beka for my birthday!!!

I've really been knitting mostly - I'm trying to finish a shawl for my friend Kathy for Christmas - but I did pick up an old Handwoven magazine that had an article on name drafts so I've been plaing with that off and on.

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