We've got a great year ahead

I'm looking forward to a new year and new inspirations with fellow CCG members. If you want to keep up with the latest happenings check out Carmelcraftsguild.com and join us for our monthly get togethers. Meanwhile, let's brainstorm how to utilize this site. Any ideas? Let's chat about it.



maybe we could collectively decide on a structure and have a towel exchange! There are few enough of us on this site that it wouldn't be a killer to do. Or, another idea is to swap some weaving yarns that we don't know what to do with! I'm sure we all have plenty of that!


Aw geez I can just see you all rolling your eyes, a freaking towel exchange!!?? Gimme a break! Well I'm just saying, we could have a leetle study group with a practical result!

or not


We're not rolling our eyes, just considering all the possibilities. See you at the meeting and we'll talk. M.B.

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