Hello, I've been reading about Line Dufour's Fate, Destination and Self-Determination project and wonder how one weaves those shapes.  Is there a piece of cardboard left inside after weaving?  Can someone please explain?  So curious! Thanks, Ellen


tommye scanlin

About how the pieces are woven, the decision about how to do these came from each individual who submitted a piece.  Line provided an outline of the shape to be woven to whomever requested one from her (I think she's still accepting new pieces, in fact).  The person then did the shapes in whatever weaving method they chose.  Most are tapestry woven, I think.  For mine, I used the outline as the cartoon behind my warp, made half-hitches at the irregular contours so I could weave past that point without the weft sagging, and did the same at the top... half-hitches to end after weaving the irregular shape of the upper part.  No cardboard in mine. Don't know about any others but expect there's not.  The pieces are all under 4" I think.

I haven't seen the installations of the pieces except online.  It's now in China, I think.  It's a fabulous concept.

Tommye Scanlin

EllenR (not verified)

Thanks, Tommye.  I guess I've never seen something irregularly shaped woven on a regular loom so assumed that weavers cut a piece of cardboard as the shape and as the loom itself.  So the extra weaving, past the half-hitches, are folded back....?

I'm hoping to see the exhibit  in San Jose.  It is a wonderful concept.


tommye scanlin

Depends on weaver.  Mine were folded back and stitched down.  Some may have needled them back into the tapestry.