I have woven many a rag rug, but looking to try my weaving skills at rep weave. However, because I'm using fabric strips, I am considering spaced rep so more of the weft will show. I haven't found any information on spaced rep, but I'm assuming that it is just decreasing the epi. Has anyone done spaced rep and do know of any resources that I can tap into? Thanks,  Kathryn. 




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Joanne Hall

If you are using 12/6 cotton rug warp, you will get a rep look with 12 per inch (very open with a lot of the weft showing) or up to 24 per inch (very close).  More than that will cover the weft too much. 


Oregon Weaver

Is there a source for learning how to read profile drafts for rep weaves? I found a simple two color, four shaft pattern for a rug in Repp Weaves by Lundell, but can't seem to figure out the threading draft.

Any help would be appreciated. 




Her notations are probably a bit confusing. Here is half the warp threading, the rest is the reverse direction. Thread 2 ends in each heddle, they act as one end. So it is not pairs of heddles, just pairs of ends. That is probably confusing you. And note how the blocks change in the weft.


Oregon Weaver

I appreciate the assistance. I am unable to open the information, but I think I understand what you are talking about.

However, the book with the draft in question is Rep Weaves -- 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns. It's the Blue and Red-Violet pattern on page 40 -- if you have the book. 

In it, she illustrates the draft and warp order clearly, but I'm not understanding how to read it. It's only two colors, two treadles, and four shafts, so I'm frustrated that I can't figure it out. 

I'll keep digging! Thanks.





Partial threading with two blocks of color. In traditional tight set warp rep, the green thick and thin wefts will be buried because of the set.  So the warp that is lifted over the thick weft will be the dominant top face color, the alternate color on the back covering the thick weft.

There is another warp rep where a pattern forms on the surface of the rep ground cloth. It is warp patterned rep. I rarely see it mentioned. You can use the same colored yarn because the pattern is raised on top.

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