Just wondering what other rug weavers use for shuttles when weaving with super bulky corespun yarn. I'm looking to invest in one or two new ski or stick shuttles (20" or longer) but not sure what would be the best choice for yarn that is about 1/4" in diameter. I'm working on a Big Mac Macromber so the shed isn't super big. 





morgan clifford

I have woven a lot of rugs and prefer the ski shuttles that Cranbrook loom makers produced but I think, since Schacht now owns that, they are no longer made.  BUT I'm sure there are some floating around on eBay etc.  Schacht ski shuttles would be my second choice if I had to choose.

Oregon Weaver

I think I'll just go with the longest possible length. It has been a while since I've purchases new shuttles, so I was really surprised at the price:) 


If you don't have a large shed, Toika rug shuttles might be a good choice.  They've been my favorites for a while.  A rag shuttle would hold the most yarn, but it needs a big sed.

Joanne Hall

come in different heights, from 1 inch tall to 2 inches tall.  The tall ones are harder to put through a shed, as they are just too tall.  Scandinavian ski shuttles are the shortest.  If you are looking at the cost, the Glimakra ski shuttles are $30 and $34.



I use rag shuttles with corespun yarn.