I really enjoyed our meeting this month. Cindy, thanks for bringing your loom, the tips that you shared were very interesting to a beginer. I'm thinking about "homemade" warp helpers.

Dan's demo about pick up sticks was informative. I've read about them, but this was the first time I've seen them in use. The possibilities.......hummmm. And such a simple ratchet fix with a rubberband. I tried direct warping once but everyting shifted and the tension was all over the place.

My RH is in a dusty corner, maybe I'll bring it out and warp it with something. This time I'll secure the loom better. Dan made it look so easy.


nburke (not verified)

I live in Bow and am interested in joining your group. Are you still meeting? When is your next gathering? Is it still at the Fiber Studio?thanks so much. Noreen


Hi Noreen-

Yes, Thrums Up does meet about once a month at the Fiber Studio in Henniker, and we have a consistently enjoyable time. Dates for the next few meetings are:

Feb 25, March 24, April 28 (probably no meeting end of May, not sure yet.)

We gather about 10a.m., have show'n'tell, and then a presentation of whatever we planned the month before. Very informal, we all contribute. Hope to see you there!


a ThrumsUp member

maurerwerks (not verified)

Do you meet during the summer also?  Thanks.


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