Hi everybody!  I need to sell a loom.  Where do you guys go to sell looms?  Local guilds?  Are their websites for this purpose?  Craigslist? 




Where ever you list, please post your location and if loom is pick up only or will ship.  I see lots of posts without that info.


Liese (not verified)

I think it depends on he loom, for basic 4 shaft looms I'd think craig's list will get you more action but for 8 shaft &  looms that experienced weavers might be interested in you could look at kkbspin, weavesales on yahoo as well as craig's list. Ravelry is another site with many beginning weavers who transitioned from knitting.

sally orgren

The basic listing should include:

Location of the loom, how many shafts, the weaving width, accessories that come with it like a bench, reeds, shuttles, tension box, etc., and price/range. You will do better if you have clearly lit photos without cluttered backgrounds, if the loom is assembled (not in pieces), and even better still if you take the time to put a colorful warp on it to demonstrate the loom actually works.

Specifiy pick-up or shipping, and you should have an idea of the weight/shipping cost range upfront for the buyer if you want a quicker sale.

Bigger looms (wider than 45") may take longer to sell. Smaller looms (table or floor) seem to hold their value better. 


Michael White

http://www.homesteadweaver.com/usedequipment.htm http://www.herran.com/textile/discuss/ http://www.kbbspin.org/taxonomy/term/6 http://fiberarts.org/classifieds/listads.html http://www.michiganweaversguild.org/marketplace.html http://www.weavolution.com http://Ravelry.com http://glimakrausa.com/used-looms.html http://www.shopgoodwill.com/search/ http://www.searchtempest.com/


If youi are in the Pacific Northwest the ANWG website has a classified section.




Dotty Margie

Description:Macomber Ad-A-Harness 48" weaving width. 

Actual measurements open: Height 51.5". Width 43.25" front to back. Length 57" Rt to Left. (Length with Warping bar, rt to left 62" which will be removed while transporting) asking price $ 900.

Group Audience