Hi all!

SAORI Studio "FUN" will be in Iowa at Sheep and Wool Festival next month!

It will be June 12 and 13 in Adel, Iowa.

I am not sure whether there are members in Iowa, but if you are, please come and say "hello".

It will be our first time at the festival.

Well, SAORI will be in Iowa for the first time.

Dan and I are teaching two workshop one on Saturday and one on Sunday and are having a booth.


We will be in Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival for the first time in September, too.


I hope to see you someone who knows about SAORI!!


SaoriSaltSpring (not verified)

Great oppotunities to introduce Saori to more people.  Have fun!


MLN Love

Hi is there a book or video you can suggest explain How To Set up a Saori Machine? I’ve spent a week now trying to put mine together. Thanks. 

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