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I am new to this group and have a question.  I do not own a rigid heddle loom YET but I'm looking to buy one.  My question is

how sturdy is the knitters loom (foldable) as far as not folding up when you are weaving vs a solid rigid loom?  Which would you prefer or invest in?  I have been looking at the 16" and 24" Ashford rigid heddle looms and the 20" Ashford knitters loom.  I just don't know how sturdy the folding one will be?  I really want something I can make tea towels on that is portable and I can sit in my chair with. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have 3 Knitters Loom I use as workshop looms for students.  I like them because the fold into a nice strong bag.  But are now expensive than ordinary rigid heddles.  If you are thinking about cost effectiveness, I'd buy a rigid heddle and all associated heddle to go with it rather than a folding loom unless room was an issue.



I have an Ashford knitters loom and I like it a lot, but I bought the knitters loom specifically because it folds up and goes with me when I travel.  Schacht also makes a folding loom that is a quality loom; however if you dont need the portability afforded you by a folding loom, then you can save yourself a few dollars with a regular rigid heddle loom.  My Ashford loom will absolutely NOT fold up unless you want it to.  It is every but as solid and strong as a non-folding loom.

thats my 2 cents worth

Joanne Hall

I use the Glimakra 13 inch Emilia loom for teaching classes.  For wider pieces, I use the Glimakra Susanna loom, as it is so sturdy. 

You should evaluate the various looms by measuring the depth of the loom.  A loom that is less than 24 inches in depth will have limitations.



I have a Cricket loom which does not fold but fits in a large shopping tote. I have the 15" as I just started weaving. I think it works great for me.

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