Hello All,

I’ve been restoring a Dryad vertical rug loom. One of the previous owners did a poor job trying to convert it to accepting a sectional warp. I’m trying to restore it to its original configuration but don’t know the sizes (l x w) of the original aprons. The cloth and warp beam are exactly 36 inches wide. I don’t know if this means I should order a replacement that states it’s for a 36 inch beam or if I need to get one slightly smaller. I didn’t know if a 36 inch apron would be too wide since the beam is 36 inches and there is only 3/32nd to 1/8th space left before it would rub against the side of the loom and the wheels. Does anyone have this loom that can tell me the size of the apron or give me an idea of what the correct size would be? Hopefully I've explained myself well enough since I'm more likely to use terms like thingy and turny bit as apposed to the correct terminology.


Thanks in advance



My Dryad is quite old: it has a weighted beater instead of springs; the ratchets are on the outside of the frame. Its warp beam has no apron, just cords. The cloth beam apron was replaced by a piece of canvas 3" wider than the beam (the edges were simply folded to fit), and 66" long. It was folded lengthwise to wrap around a lease stick, and the raw edges were tacked to the beam. Holes were awled into the fabric to allow cords to wrap around the lease stick. I can post photos, if you'd like. 

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