Peg Loom Weaving Sampler

Peg Loom Weaving Sampler - PDF Instruction Booklet

34 pages 
169 colour photos

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You will learn the following techniques:

Plain Weave 
Soumak Knots 
Ghiordes Knots 
Horizontal Stripes 
Vertical Stripes 
Angled Shapes 
Vertical Slits 
Clasped Weft 
Dovetailed Wefts 
Curved Wefts 
Outlined Curved Wefts 
Circular Shapes 
Tabbed Top 
6 Fringe Techniques 

This purchase is for a 34-page, full-colour PDF instruction booklet (A4 / 8 1/2 x 11 pages), which will be available for download once your payment is confirmed. See ADDITIONAL DELIVERY NOTES, below.)


  • Step-by-step instructions for weaving this Peg Loom Weaving Sampler

  • Full-colour photographs

  • A Resource Section for more ideas and inspiration


  • a Peg Loom (any size but at least 18 pegs is recommended)
  • a Peg Loom threading tool ScissorsTapestry needleStrong warp yarn/cordWeft yarn in at least 6 different colours, including 1 neutral colour. (I used 9 different colours, including a light and dark neutral colour.) You can use any type of yarn. (I used rug yarn.)
  • a beginner’s basic knowledge of Peg Loom weaving, including how to warp the Peg Loom and how to remove a weaving from the loom. Basic instructions are available at a very reasonable price.


Depending on the type of weft yarn you use, your finished weaving will be approximately 3 feet long (including fringe) and 9 inches wide.

The real beauty in completing this pattern is that you will then have many techniques in your toolbox. You can then use those techniques to push the boundaries of Peg Loom Weaving…to go where no woman has gone before… 
For example, you could create a seaside weaving. Angled Shapes could form a sail boat, Soumak could make a pebbly beach, Ghoirdes could form the waving grasses, Curved Wefts for the wavy sea, Circular Shape with Hatching and Shading for the sunny sky, … Oh the possibilities!

Peg Loom Weaving Sampler from Weaving Me Home