I have to make a decision soon - hope someone can assist.  I would like to use an older Ideal as a drawloom (single pattern, drall pulleys)  - the loom is 80cm wide and 61 inches high, it has 6 treadles (I rarely weave damask with 8 shafts - athough if I want 5 I have to add a countermarch bridge.  It appeals a) the price is right, b) it is small - 31 inch weave width.

I have heard from one person that it works, but the shed can by fiddly, she isn't sure if it the loom or not.

Please jump in with opinions.




I have an older 4 shaft Ideal set up for Smalandsvav, and it works fine.  The sheds with this and with a drawloom are small, that's just how it is.  If I wanted to add a real drawloom to my Ideal, I would want a countermarch and 8 shafts though.

Erica J

I took a class from Joanne Hall, she had just about every loom Glimakra ever made set up in with various drawloom attachments. As with any loom, you may need to extend the depth, but that can easily be done the same way you would do it with any other loom. I hope that helps!

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