The first thing I have learned in this chapter is the difference between simple and compound weaves.  This apparently is based on additional "elements" in either a weft or a warp.  It seems like a pretty loose definition - e.g. the spider or honeycomb weaves often use special wefts to outline or highlight the woven structure.  That said, the inclusion of overshot and summer & winter in this section make quite a bit of sense, as these involve special wefts (or warps if the draft were turned).

I am afraid I am not as excited by this chapter as I was the previous.  I've done a fair bit of overshot and summer and winter - and so for my sample I think I will play with the Moorman technique.  But work will soon become intense, so the weaving will come slowly. 


Erica J

Great to be back to our discussions. I did my taquete studies for this chapter and recently wove several overshot samples.

I also think any tied weave would fall in this chapter, so that would be another option. I don't know anything about the Moorman technique, so I'm interested to see your studies.


There are several different weave structures that fit in "compound weave" that I already know pretty well - overshot and summer & winter.  That was the reason I decided to try out the Theo Moorman technique.  Basically you have a plain weave warp with additional finer warp threads that are lifted every third pick.  You use the finer warp threads to tie down a supplemental weft, and often tapestry-like, and often with fine threads giving a somewhat transparent effect.

I have been looking for a project to use some recycled sari yarn that has amazing vibrant colors.  I have decided to use this as the supplement, and a black bamboo yarn (a first use for me) for the plain weave warp and weft.  I was delighted to find this yarn on sale, and expect it to be delivered within the next week or so.

Erica J

Well I'm being drawn to summer and winter for my first warp on the AVL Little Weaver. I'm off to review this chapter and see if inspiration strikes! Wish me luck!!!!


...except that I recently realized that I am so lazy that I don't like 2-shuttle weaves.  But with the new AVL little weaver, you might be able to turn it so you could weave it with a single shuttle.  

Can you tell I am making all kinds of excuses for my urge to just order one for myself?


Erica J

Nice, I've been working on devising all types of things for the AVL. Hopefully I'll have a warp on soon to let you know what I think. 

I'm more a fan of simplifying the warping process and don't mind 2 shuttles at all, so I've been trying to work out how to do super fancy weaving on a straight draw threading! :)