Just finished two scarves, yahoo

Wanted to share with you that I just finished two scarves today. A teal blue, 8" wide, with ribbon accents and a goldish brown one that I presented at the CCC meeting but hadn't completed. It would be fun to get this Group going. We can do Study Groups through Weavolution but it can be a good way just to share our frustrations, questions, and proud moments with each other.



Yes, those are nice scarves!  I'll try and check in here more often!


Highlights of CNCH for me:  I actually made something that resembles a fuschia in the felted flowers workshop with Caren Engen.  That was fun!  Peggy Ostercamp's keynote was great!  Also learning more about sewing from Darryl Lancaster.  All in all a good weekend!



So happy to find you guys here! Good going on the scarves, Mary B!

I loved CNCH, came back so inspired! I just finished a small experimental piece (inspired by the new book "Magical Weaving" and by threads from Giovana & Habu) using 3 threads I literally can not see!! Haha! Warped with this luminescent stuff, weft was an overspun silk striped randomly with some super-fine sterling silver. On washing, it turned out very cool. Yet, small. What a lotta work!

Then, I bought a used Glimakra, the monster Standard.So so SO exciting. I have some towels on there for a start. The tie-up was, uh, an adventure!!! Especially since of course it only fits in my garage! Never thought I'd be that intimate with a cement garage floor! Haha! Will update you on that.

My only disappointment at CNCH was that the description for one of my classes was "Silk Ribbons on the Inkle Loom" and that was most decidedly not what the class was about. But, I had fun anyway.


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