How dare you?

How are your dares going? We've seen some great pictures so far, but haven't seen pictures from everyone. Are you findng a bit of tune e wryday? Is anyone running into difficulties? Finding success already? Learn anything new thus far? Cheers, Erica



During the Witch's Brew Webex meeting, Tien asked me about the size of the hand-twisted/spun paper yarn I planned to use for weft. I was guessing the size would range from about that of a 10/2 cotton to a 20/2 silk. Yesterday, I added some information about the shifu paper yarn, and a picture of it, in the Weavolution "Yarn" section. The picture shows that my guess was close: some sections of the paper yarn are thicker, but some are even finer than 20/2 silk. I never thought I would be able to twist/spin paper into such a fine yarn!


I've almost competed my first "tapestry" - I just need to finish the frame... And I'm well on my way to finishing the weaving for the 2nd one. I'll post the beginning photos in my projects page... and the completed ones... when they are finished... hopefully soon!

My warp is measured but not on the loom yet. I want to weave it on my little 8" Structo, but I'm taking that loom to a guild workshop tomorrow. After that I can put the warp on and finally start weaving. I can't believe how fast this month has gone by.


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