This group fits perfect into my planning (or lack thereof).  Is warping and sleying a part of the weave for the Daily Spider? 

(as a side note, I couldn't find this group in Halloweave)



group in Halloweave 2012 called Active Arachnids that does include anything weaverly - spinning, warping, weaving, drafting, etc.

DianneStucki (not verified)

Yes, warping and sleying absolutely count!


I'm in if you are open for new team members! I have a set of towels on the loom right now, and before the Halloweave challenge is over, I will have warped it for another project. I haven't decided what that will be yet; it may be my first rag rugs, or maybe scarves in mohair bouclé. A few words about me: I live in Norway, and started weaving in January this year. I'm a few steps up a steep learning curve! I have a Glimåkra Standard counterbalance loom. I've finished the first of two dish towels for my brother today.

dweaver (not verified)

I really need to have a nudge to get the mug mats woven for my sons birthday.


Consider this your nudge!  :)

Would love to see a pic of your mug mats.  

Happy Weaving.....


dweaver (not verified)

I will try to see if I can post a photo of these soon.

DianneStucki (not verified)

Come into my parlor! All are welcome!
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