Get in on the fun! Help Decide!

As you may know, area 1 which includes CCG is putting on the CNCH regional conference in 2015! Won't that be fun! We really need your help to do it! And you won't have to do very many tasks, yet you'll be a part of all the important decision-making! 

We're planning on Asilomar, April 9-12, 2015, and it's going to be a workshop format; that is, two and a half days on one topic with one spectacular, world-renowned teacher! Yep, we're spending all the money on getting the best class schedule we possibly can!

So right now, you can email Joan or Merrie with suggestions for teachers, think big!! Do it soon because we're already on the run with this! And then you can ask us for the list of how you can help, and just pick something you'd like to do! Oh man this is gonna be fun I'm tellin' ya. But you gotta get involved!!!!

Joan is at [email protected], and Merrie is [email protected]. Join us! 

Group Audience