We are now in the planning stages of what types of weaving to demonstrate at Fiber Fusion.  We are considering doing some linens on a floor loom, an inkle loom, an earth loom, and a tapestry loom.  Anyone have have preferences or suggestions?


Jaci Siehl

Patrick Ranch is being so supportive to everything we have asked to do.  Many of the Mt. Lassen Fiber Guild have been doing spinning and weaving demonstrations at this historic farm for a few years and been encouraged by all the changes they have made and the direction they are going to keep it an educational and fun place to visit.

Anyway, they were very supportive to having animals, even getting very excited about having rabbits, goats, sheep, alpaca, and yaks on site to show people where all this fiber comes from.  And, they are really getting behind the sheepdog trials.  So much so, that they are holding the sheepdog trials for 2 days since there are so many interested in participating.

Even though our vendors will be set up only on Saturday, we will have many demonstrations still working on Sunday to share with the sheepdog people between runs.

Chico Cloth will have an entire set up from plants recently harvested through every step of the process to turn the flax into linen and even spinning and weaving demonstrations of linen.  They will also share their experiences with the 1st harvest.

You can find out more about who our vendors are and what demonstrations and FREE workshops will be at Fusion at our website fiber-fusion.org or on facebook\fiber-fusion.  Be sure to check back often as things get updated every week.