Hi all, I'm still working on the doubleweave technique from this summer's class.  Right now I'm trying to weave the "tube" and having a terrible time.  When I go to clear my shed, especially the first two steps...it's not immediately clear where to throw the shuttle.  Help please?


greeneyedjrzgrl (not verified)

Hey Virag,
Had to pull out my notes. . .

I have the tube written out as:

1 UP


1,2,3 UP  (or 4 DOWN)

3 UP

so if I am visualizing correctly, the shuttle should be  under the 1's on the first throw and over 2,3,4, over the 2's and under 1,3,4 on the second throw, over 4's under 1,2,3 on the third and under 3, over 1,2,4 on the fourth.

Does that help, or did I misunderstand what you are asking?




Virag (not verified)

This helps immensely, thank you so much!  I think the first throw is where I've been messing up each time!  Thank you!

BridgetJ (not verified)

My notes are still buried, I'll finally get a chance to dig them out this evening - but it looks like you have it under control! One of these days I need to sit down and figure out what really makes the double-weaves work. I'm still not very good with understanding the edges of the weaves, if that makes sense, and how certain combinations lock the front & back together or leave them open. I'm still very much a pattern-reader when it comes to double weaves.

Let us know how it goes now - I'll have my drafts dug out by tomorrow, too.

greeneyedjrzgrl (not verified)

@virag -glad I could help! I finished my pouch at Pennsic and discovered that on one throw I missed about 12 warp threads. I haven't decided if I want to cut it and fix it or just cover it up with a liner! :-)

@bridget-Oh . . I understand completely . . . I still can't get my head wrapped around the rosette twill even with that lovely draft diagram you printed up for me. It seems like there are too many empty holes/slots but I know that I didn't warp it correctly the first time!

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